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yellow flowers inspiration

My flowerhead is all my flowers protruding the grey of the mundane thoughts I became used to.

My flowerhead fights the obstacles of my personal cage.

My flowerhead is the savior of what is underneath it,

sending it on a trip to a distant Heaven on Earth.


I have to tell you!

If not the best fragrance of the year (it is all over the net topping the best-of-2017 ratings, I cannot confirm it, I haven’t tried the complete annual untrackable plethora of new releases), then Parfums Dusita La Douceur de Siam should be the best yellow-flower perfume of the year, and out of all perfumes I know!

Yellow flowers?

I usually stay away from fragrances from the yellow floral category, due to some horrific  discomforts in the past.  ‘Yellow flowers’  is a collective phrase for denotation of a group of tropical flowers with yellow-colored blooms, used in perfumery – either by extracts, or with accord presenting their scent. They are usually ylang-ylang, champaca, mimosa. Sometimes this role is played by frangipani (more often in the ‘white floral’ group), osmanthus, and the not-so-exotic freesia, daffodils and marigold. One certain and common adjective describing such fragrances is ‘bright’. They seem to shine a light over the compositions, make them lucid and thus promote their ‘solar’ portrayal. Their depiction in a perfume adds metallic, aldehydic, sometimes soapy or watery, juicy fruity, cool, green and slightly citrusy nuances.

My personal discovery

Parfums Dusita samples
Parfums Dusita

Not a single fragrance of the yellow-floral category has succeeded to turn me into an amante de fleurs jaunes. Well, probably except for Guerlain Mahora, now renamed and a bit reformulated into Mayotte from the Les Parisiennes line. However, I cannot firmly classify Mahora as ‘yellow’, because of the hefty dose of tuberose and jasmine in it. I have to confess that La Douceur de Siam was the last fragrance I tried out of the samples Pissara Umavijani sent me, when I won them in a Facebook giveaway.

The last, but not the least. Honestly, it was my greatest surprise. Even greater than Oudh Infini, which I was expecting to be much easier to wear. Actually, all the Parfums Dusita are masterpieces of their own category, if categories exist for novelties like them, but La Douceur de Siam gave me something I didn’t have until it came to me. It gifted me a Yellow-Flower Favorite!

La Douceur

La Douceur de Siam, meaning The Sweetness of Siam, starts off with a deceiving citrus. Deceiving , because it is not mentioned in the official description of the perfume. It behaves like a fizzy drink, a lemonade soda, but with a predominant bitter zest and a huge bunch of fresh green herbs like sweet mint, basil, lemon thyme and balm stuffed into the drink up to the edge of the glass!

Then comes the rose, a lemonade rose! Yes, I cannot get rid of this sourish and shiny feeling, that comes to me as a lemonade, and I suppose that are exactly the yellow flowers, namely ylang-ylang and champaka. I can recognize the metal effect of ylang-ylang, because I have smelled it in essential-oil form many times. However, I haven’t smelled any form of the other exotic blooms listed in the perfume’s pyramid, champaka and frangipani.

The perfume is nesting comfortably on my skin, lingering for hours, muting the energizing effect of the flowers by adding tinges of woody sweetness and creaminess. Imagine a finest chantilly served in a sleek wooden bowl of aromatic sandalwood.

La Douceur de Siam yellow flowers
La Douceur de Siam

Scent aid

I discovered La Douceur de Siam in a depressive period in my life, and it seemed to brighten my sight. It is not the only thing that cleared the clouds, it is not as mighty, but it was one of the means that didn’t let me drown, and made me think a bit more positively. I believe it is the epitome of its creator, Pissara Umavijani, who seems to be one of the nicest people I know. If I could meet her in person one day…!

I chose La Douceur de Siam as the fragrance to say good-bye to the old year and welcome the new one inside my soul. It is like a love song playing in your ears as you fly low above clear tropical waters…Dreams, confessions, future…My flowerhead.

I know that snowdrops are not yellow flowers, but to me they are a symbol of hope, and so is La Douceur de Siam.  With hope in my heart I wish you a great New Year! Be good to yourself!

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